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What is amigu?

amigu is the monthly individual surprise box for your dog.

Every month we surprise your dog with new cool toys & delicious snacks, selected based on size, preferences & allergies .

We only use high-quality products because – just like you – we only want the best for your doggo.

In the box you will find:

🎾 2-3 high quality cool toys
🤤 4 -5 amigu snacks
🦴 1 long-lasting chewing snack
💩 2 rolls of poop bags + dispenser
🤫 Surprises
💰 ø Value of over 60 EUR

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    So that we can make you happy, select the amigu box and add it to your shopping cart...


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    Then fill out the questionnaire (1 minute), tell us who your dog is,
    what your dog likes & dislikes...


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    You will receive the amigu box with high-quality toys, delicious snacks and great surprises delivered to your home!


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