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12 months box

12 months box

Our best offer: You save a whopping 33% and get the super awesome amigu box for only €29.99 per box for 1 year (12 months is a year lol).

In the box you will find:

  • 🎾🧸🥏 2-3 high-quality cool toys from e.g. amigu, FuzzYard, duvo+,....
  • 🤤 4-5 amigu snacks
  • 🦴 1 long-lasting chew
  • 💩 2 rolls of poop bags
  • 🎁🤫 Surprises from carefully selected partners

The box has a value of over 50 EUR.

🐶 Individually tailored to your dog

💰 ø over 60 EUR value of goods

🧸 Cool toys from KONG, PLAY, and much more.

🤤 Grain & sugar-free snacks & natural chews

The boxes are shipped for free

❤️ The 🐶 will be surprised in 4-5 working days

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The subscription expires after the selected term. No cancellation is necessary! 😊

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  • 1. So that we can make you happy, you select the term and add it to your shopping cart...


  • Hunde-Überraschungsbox-PC-amigu

    2. Then you tell us who your dog is, what your dog likes & dislikes and choose how to equip the box


  • Hunde-Überraschungsbox-amigu-8bit-Hund

    3. You will receive the personalized amigu box for your unique dog delivered to your home.


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Does your darling not tolerate any food?

Don't worry, our amigu snacks are not only grain and sugar-free but also consist of 15 types of different monoproteins. Some varieties, such as horse and deer, are very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Check out our snacks

Your Amigos from amigu

Hey, here we are - the team behind the scenes at amigu.

We (and many others) are behind your surprise box.

We pack all boxes individually for your dog in Berlin with a lot of love and care.

What drives us? The joy in your four-legged friend's eyes when the amigu box is unpacked. And the smile on your face because you know that you are giving your dog the very best. <3

The amigu gang!

The coolest & cutest gang ever. We receive hundreds of photos from happy amigus every month and we are happy about every single picture!

Grab your amigu box!

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Monthly surprise

Simply fill out the questionnaire (max. 1 minute) and tell us who your dog is, what your dog is really into, whether and what allergies there are.

At the end you can then choose the composition of the box: Do you want more toys, more amigu snacks or would you rather have a double load of natural chews (we call them amigu Chew Chews 😄)

In the box you will then find, depending on your dog's preferences and intolerances:

  • 🎾 high-quality toys, e.g. from KONG , PLAY and much more.
  • 🤤 3-5 grain & sugar free amigu 100g snacks
  • 🦴 Natural chewing items
  • 💩 2 rolls of poop bags
  • 🤫 Surprises from carefully selected partners


Free and insured shipping with DHL. You can surprise your dog in 4-5 business days!