Die individuelle
für deinen Hund

Wir überraschen dich & deinen Hund mit hochwertigen Spielzeugen
gesunden Snacks & Naturkauartikeln
die ganz nach der Größe, 
den Spielzeugvorlieben & Allergien ausgewählt werden.
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    Then fill out the questionnaire (max. 2 min) and let us know
    who your dog is
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    You will receive the amigu box with high-quality toys, delicious snacks and great surprises delivered to your home!


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Die Snack Box


Die Box mit leckeren gesunden Snacks und Naturkauartikel, abgestimmt auf die Bedürfnisse deines Vierbeiners. Geignet auch für Allergiker.

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    & Zuckerfrei
  • Mono-Protein 
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  • über 35€ 
  • Kostenlose 

The snack box

You don't want toys? No problem!

"Finally a box that fits Leo perfectly!"

- Leo does not like poultry and prefers to play with intelligence toys and balls.

Does your darling not tolerate any food?

Don't worry, our amigu snacks are not only grain and sugar-free, they also consist of 15 types of different monoproteins. Some varieties, such as horse and deer, are very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Discover the amigu snacks

The Amigos by amigu

We (and many other amigos) are behind your surprise box.

From fun toys to healthy delicious snacks, we know how to keep your four-legged friend happy.

All amigu boxes are packed in Berlin with a lot of love and care by us for your four-legged friend.

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  • 2 toys
    4 amigu snacks
    1 natural chew
    poop bag + dispenser
    & Surprises

  • 1 toy
    5 amigu snacks
    1 natural chew
    poop bag + dispenser
    & Surprises

  • 1 toy
    3 amigu snacks
    3 natural chews
    poop bag + dispenser
    & Surprises

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  • You have rescued your doggo from animal protection and given him a new life? We think that's great!

    You get 3 months for free with the 12 month box and one box for free with the 6 month box!

    Get in touch with us: hello@amigu.de

Popular questions & our answers

What is in the amigu box?

Each amigu surprise box is packed with specially selected high-quality products that will tempt your four-legged friend to jump for joy. From cool toys to really tasty snacks to practical poop bags, everything is included. Your doggo will love them... and so will you!

🎾 2-3 high quality cool toys

🤤 4-5 grain-free amigu snacks

🦴 1 chewing snack for extra long enjoyment

💩 2 rolls of poop bags (in your first box also the matching dispenser)

🤫 Surprises from carefully selected partners

💰 Value of ø over 60 EUR

Why the amigu box?

Every four-legged friend has his own preferences. That's why we at amigu have made it our task to develop a surprise box for your dog that is perfectly tailored to its individual needs . We attach great importance to taking possible allergies into account, so that both you and your doggo are happy with the amigu box. Your dog is rather unimpressed by toys, but does a little dance of joy as soon as there is something to eat? No problem! Then you simply decide to have more snacks and fewer toys in the box.

Is the amigu box worth it?

It is! Each amigu box contains at least €50 worth of goods, and the longer your term, the bigger the discount.

Is it a subscription?

You have the choice: The amigu box can either be purchased directly in the subscription
Or you can order it once to try it out. Are you already 100% convinced (rightly so!) that your dog will love the surprise box? Then you can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription . The following applies: the longer the term, the cheaper the individual boxes become. After the term, the subscriptions simply expire, so you don't need to cancel. Would you rather see what the box can do first or are you looking for a cool gift for your date's/mother's/friend's doggo? Then we recommend the one-off delivery . It's a bit more expensive in comparison, but definitely worth every penny. And best of all, shipping is free . So you can invest the money you save directly in the next dog surprise box 😉

What if my dog ​​has allergies or intolerances?

Before you order our products, we ask you a few questions, including explicit questions about your four-legged friend's preferences and possible allergies. You can select protein allergies and enter other intolerances.

Adjustments can also be made later via customer service (beef@amigu.de or 0176 6522 0583).

Can I influence which products end up in my amigu box?

Sure! With your first order you will be asked a few questions about your dog's toy preferences and possible allergies, and based on this we will put together your personal amigu box(es).

You can also choose whether you would rather get 2 toys & 4 snacks, or 1 toy & 5 snacks.

Where does the donation go?

It's simple: With every dog ​​surprise box sold, 1 euro goes to the non-profit organization Hundredrettung Europa , which is committed to rescuing and adopting street dogs and passionately educates people about animal welfare. If you too have saved your four-legged friend from animal protection, we think it's so great that we'd like to reward your commitment. In addition to a bulging karma account, you get one box for free with the 6-month box and even 3 boxes for free with the 12-month box.

What snacks can my dog ​​find in the surprise box?

It doesn't matter whether your doggo is a little gourmet and likes it a little more exquisite or the down-to-earth type who prefers to stick to the usual basics - we have something for everyone. The grain-free amigu delicacies are available in a wide variety of flavors: be it poultry, beef, game, lamb, fish, horse or maybe veggie . And for the brave ones, we even have an insect option. If you don't find anything here, it's your own fault. Treat your four-legged friend to some variety in the menu! Our snacks are not only ideal for training, but are also a welcome treat between meals. Your
Doggo will thank you, I promise.

How does my dog ​​get his own personal surprise box?

First you select the amigu box of your choice and add it to your shopping cart. In the next step, you have to answer a few short questions so that we can adapt the contents of the surprise box as best as possible to your dog with its special preferences or allergies . The whole thing takes a maximum of 1 minute and helps us choose the right snacks and toys for your doggo.

For this we want to know...

1. ... how big your four-legged friend is: Do you have a cute little puppy at home or rather a calf?

2. ... whether your doggo prefers a certain type of toy: Is your dog more like Team Cuddly Bear and likes plush toys or rather Team Superbrain, the one without
Intelligence toys get boring quickly?

3. ... whether certain food allergies are present, so that only snacks that make your dog really happy end up in the surprise box.

4. ... whether your four-legged friend is more of a sweet tooth, a player or a master chewer: you have the choice between 1 toy 4 snacks 2 chews, 2 toys 4 snacks 2 chews or 2 toys 3 snacks and 2 chews depending on how light your doggo is excited about new toys.

Then just complete the ordering process and your amigu surprise box will be there within 1-3 working days. Pretty easy, right?

Who is behind amigu?

Amigu - these are two best friends, Marius and Kenan and then of course there is Paula 🐕, a Ridgeback mix bitch. Kenan is Paula's dad and Marius is her uncle and favorite person. After Kenan suddenly ordered dog food online due to a job change and no longer went to the pet trade as before, he noticed – thank God – that Paula got new toys far too seldom and the idea for amigu was born. Paula is absolutely thrilled and has been getting cool new toys and treats every month since then. Do you want the same for your dog? Then order our surprise box today and look forward to the extra cuddle units that you will receive in return.