About us

Two best friends are behind amigu: Marius and Kenan.

Then there's me: Paula, a Ridgeback mix. Kenan is my dad and Marius is my uncle & favorite person. I'm very special: I like to play by myself with my toys, but I also love to cuddle.. I like all people, but I show them when I really like someone more.


They always call me Gurke (Cucumber in German) and say I have a taste all of my own. That's not true: I just eat everything I like.


So, how did the come up with amigu, you ask yourself: After Kenan made a professional trip into the pet industry & started buying my food online, he noticed: "hey.. we don't go to the pet shops anymore.. Paula doesn't get new toys on a regular basis."

Weeeell, it's good that he noticed that.. because that's how amigu came into our lives 😍❤️

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